Wampus Folk

The wampus folk are a race of humanoid cats with feline features and razor-sharp claws. They are agile and quick, with powerful muscles and a sleek, agile build. Their fur ranges in color from black to orange to white, and their eyes are bright and piercing. Wampus folk stand around 7 feet tall, though their height can vary. They are skilled fighters, with years of training in hand-to-hand combat and swordplay. They are also skilled hunters and trackers, with excellent senses and a natural stealthiness that allows them to sneak up on their prey. They are highly skilled at creating potions, a skill known as "Petyon Dlo Nav├Ęt" in wampus tongue.

The wampus folk have a nomadic lifestyle, with small hamlets being the largest settlements they tend to create. They value their independence and often keep to themselves, only interacting with other races when necessary for trade or other purposes. Despite this, some wampus folk have integrated into human society, either out of necessity or for other reasons. In their culture, the wampus folk view themselves as predators rather than prey, and they have a strong warrior ethos that values strength, bravery, and honor. They have a long and contentious history with the moth men, with whom they have fought many battles for control of the great Eridu Swamp.

The wampus folk are known for their beautiful colorful textiles that are passed down from generation to generation. Rugs, tents, armor, etc are all made up of intricate colorful patterns. They speak a mixture of Haitian Creole and English, and their language is called Wampustongue or "Marekaj Pale". In terms of religion and spirituality, the wampus folk have a deep belief in the power of Voodoo and the spirits of the land. They believe in the power of ancestors and the importance of respecting the natural world. They also have a strong connection to the sun, with many of their rituals and ceremonies being focused on solar deities and the power of the sun.