Welcome to Urok-Kabor

A bustling metropolis

Nestled in the heart of human territory, Urok-Kabor is a grand city renowned for its lush gardens that flourish within the majestic geodesic dome. Over the past 200 years, Urok has seen its population surge from a small 30,000 to an impressive 300,000, thanks in part to the city's alliances with the wampusfolk, gourdkin, and mothmen races.

A city of chaos

Urok is a city of chaos, ruled by a loose alliance of seven powerful gangs who control various parts of the city with the help of a group of technomancers and a newly formed gourdfolk league. Despite its size, Urok is a hub of cultural exchange and innovation, home to the grand Hawkeye Halls, the largest college and library in the land.

A place of beauty and wonder

The stained glass of the geodesic dome and the clay buildings within lend a unique charm to Urok, a city brimming with beauty and wonder. But unfortunately, Urok is not without its dangers. Wandas, fierce predators that roam the desert, have been known to attack the city's outskirts, and the lizard drinkers, primal savages descended from humans who retreated underground, are a constant threat. Sand storms also batter the city's walls, testing the city's defenses at every turn.

A city of resilience

Despite these challenges, the people of Urok remain resilient and determined to thrive in this harsh world. So come and join them in discovering all that this wonderful city has to offer, from its bustling flea market and delicious honey mead to its rich history and cultural treasures at the Violetta Fontenot Museum of Salvaged Art.

A hub of commerce and culture

The flea market of Urok is a must-see destination for anyone looking to experience the city's vibrant culture and diverse array of goods. Here, you will find hundreds of vendors and prospectors selling everything from exotic spices and rare artifacts to handmade crafts and antique trinkets. The sounds of haggling and bargaining fill the air as merchants and buyers alike vie for the best deals. The smells of aromatic foods and fragrant herbs waft through the market, tempting the senses with their delicious scents.

A city of history and art

For those interested in the rich history and culture of Urok, the Violetta Fontenot Museum of Salvaged Art is a must-see destination. This massive museum is home to hundreds of pieces of salvaged toys, cultural artifacts, scrap, notes, art, music, and books, all on display for the public to see. As you explore the museum, you will be transported through the ages, discovering the many stories and secrets that have shaped the city's past.

A city of reverence and tradition

The honey bee is a revered and sacred symbol in Urok, worshipped by the city's nobility for its hard work and diligence. The honey mead, a delicious drink made from honey and fermented with fruit andspices, is a beloved delicacy among the wealthy and powerful. In the grand halls of the noble houses, one can find elaborate tapestries and paintings depicting the honey bee in all its glory. The bee is seen as a symbol of industry and prosperity, and the honey mead is often served at lavish banquets and celebrations as a symbol of status and wealth.

The reverence for the honey bee and the production of honey mead are longstanding traditions in Urok, with roots dating back centuries. The honey bee is a symbol of unity and cooperation, and the noble families of Urok often pay tribute to the bee through elaborate rituals and ceremonies. The honey mead, with its sweet and aromatic flavors, is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and it is enjoyed by all who are fortunate enough to sample it.

So if you find yourself in Urok, be sure to pay your respects to the honey bee and indulge in the delicious honey mead. It is a truly unique and memorable experience that you will not soon forget.