Humanity Stat Sheet

Physical Characteristics:

Humanity is a race of bipedal mammals, with a wide range of physical characteristics and appearances. They are capable of adapting to a variety of environments and climates, and have a high level of intelligence and problem-solving abilities.


Humanity is skilled in a wide range of activities, including farming, hunting, crafting, and the use of technology. They are also skilled in the use of magic and the arcane, with a limited understanding of the powers of the ancients from the before times.


Humanity is highly adaptable and resilient, able to survive and thrive in a variety of environments. They are also intelligent and resourceful, able to use their knowledge and skills to solve complex problems.


Humanity's greatest weakness is their tendency towards conflict and war. They also have a limited lifespan compared to some other races, and can be vulnerable to certain diseases and ailments.


Humanity is divided into various factions, each with their own beliefs, values, and goals. Some of the most prominent factions include the peaceful pacifists, the militaristic conquerors, and the scientific innovators.


Every human has Vitiligo, a genetic condition that causes a loss of pigment in the skin. This results in patches of white skin and is not harmful to health. However, it can have a significant impact on an individual's appearance and may be a source of discrimination in some societies.


Understanding basic electronics, programming, and electricity manipulation can hold great power for a human. This knowledge allows individuals to create and control technology, from simple devices to complex machines. The technology of the before times, when humanity was at the peak of its power, is often referred to as "magick" due to its seemingly magical capabilities.


While the average human has no understanding of the miracle of magic, some individuals are able to tap into its power through extensive training and practice. These individuals, known as alchemists and magicians, are rare and powerful adventurers who are able to harness the power of magic for a variety of purposes, including healing, divination, and protection.


Humanity has a long history of conflict and war. While some individuals and groups strive for peace and diplomacy, the drive for power and resources often leads to violent clashes. However, the first contact with the mythical and rare gourdkin race sparked a new pacificist movement among humanity, with many advocating for peaceful coexistence and cooperation with other intelligent species.


Humanity has a rich and varied culture, with a deep love for music and the arts. Reading is also highly valued in new terra, with many individuals devoting much of their time to exploring the vast libraries and bookstores found in cities and towns across the planet.

Geolithic Revolution:

Humanity's geolithic revolution has led to the discovery of the power of geodesic domes. These domes, created using advanced materials and construction techniques, are able to support life and vegetation in even the most hostile environments. Some humans are using these domes to regrow greenery in the bleak, dreadful deserts of new terra, providing a hope for a better future for all living beings on the planet.


The geolithic revolution has also sparked a renewed focus on sustainability in humanity. Many individuals and groups are working to develop technologies and practices that allow for a more harmonious coexistence with the natural world, including renewable energy sources and sustainable agriculture.