Guerrus: The Post-Collapse Tabletop Game

Guerrus: The Post-Collapse Tabletop Game is a fun and exciting strategy game that you can play with your friends. It's played on a chessboard, and each player has a set of toy monsters (or units) with different abilities. To start the game, you'll place your units on your side of the board.

Each unit has three stats: Attack, Defense, and Speed. The Attack stat tells you how much damage the unit can do when it attacks. The Defense stat tells you how much life the unit has.

And the Speed stat tells you how many spaces the unit can move in a turn. All of the unit's stats must add up to 6 in total.

There are five different types of units: Normal, Range, Mage, Lance, and Push. Normal units don't have any special abilities. Range units have long-range attacks that can hit targets that are far away, but they can't attack monsters that are right next to them. Mage units can attack from very far away, and they can even go through obstacles to hit their targets. But they can't move and attack on the same turn, and they can't attack on the first turn of the game. Lance units have long-range attacks that can go through obstacles and hit multiple monsters at once. Push units can push other monsters around the board instead of attacking them.

On your turn, you can move one of your units and then attack with it. You can only attack in the four cardinal directions (up, down, left, right), but you can move your unit in any direction you want. If you attack another monster and do more damage than its Defense, it will be eliminated. The game ends when one player eliminates all of their opponent's units. The surviving player is the winner!